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Your unique opportunity

This is an ideal opportunity to start your own business without having to tackle the venture on your own as our team will be providing excellent training and ongoing support.

As a home-based franchise business, Inflatatent UK is ideal for those looking for a business that fits in with their family lifestyle, that is enjoyable, and importantly, will make you a good profit. We follow a proven business development model to help get your business off the ground and delivering revenue for you from the outset.

Our aim is to provide a nationwide quality service to customers with an emphasis on personal service and professionalism. We aim to build up a strong two-way working relationship with all our franchisees and make the Inflatatent UK Ltd name synonymous with excellence. We are looking for incredible people to open franchises to operate in around 30 locations across the UK.

We are currently offering the first five counties/territories a zero-franchise fee. You will need a minimum cash investment of £15,000 for the starter kit; we recommend an additional working capital of £3k-5k for the day-to-day running of the business for the first 12 months. Why the Zero Franchise fee? This is for the first 5 Franchisees who will help us prove our business model works. After that, the price goes up to the standard franchise fee.

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Training, support and business development

We will give you all the tools and skills you need to be a successful Inflatatent UK business. You will receive an initial four days of training. This includes a combination of classroom training to understand the business model and hands-on inflating product training. Additional training can be organised throughout the year which is open to all franchisees looking to upskill.

You will receive continual support from the Business Director. They will provide you with one-to-one support to grow your business and team, maximise development opportunities, and increase profits.

Minimal Risk

Although £15k is quite a lot of money, if you invest it into a fantastic brand and proven track record, then the risk becomes minimal. On the other hand, if you had £15k and started a business from scratch, the risk is much greater.

When you buy a franchise, you are not going into the business world blindfolded. A franchise is a perfect way to go into business with a readymade support network.

Access To Funding

When buying a franchise for as little as £15k, your access to funding is going to be much easier. You could get an unsecured bank loan for £15k in a matter of days if your credit rating is in good shape. You may even be able to get a loan from supportive friends and family.

No Experience Or Qualifications Required

Our franchises require no experience whatsoever. The last thing you want to be doing before you start your franchise business is a 3 or even 5-year full-time degree or years of training to qualify. Our franchise model requires no experience or qualifications, but we do seek an ‘A Star’ franchisee.

Our success will be based on your success

We aim to be transparent from the outset surrounding all the financial commitments required to open and run your own business; this will allow us to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

Joining inflatatent uk and benefits

  • Earning potential of between £30,000 and £60,000 per year
  • 4-day training course to learn the ins and outs of the business
  • Security of being part of a Quality Franchise Association (QFA) Full Member franchise
  • Help setting up local partnerships with hotels, venues, event space
  • The opportunity to run your own business in your chosen local area with a large exclusive county territory
  • Flexible working environment to fit around your own home and family lifestyle
  • Low start-up cost and a good year one return on your investment
  • Comprehensive ongoing training and support
  • Dedicated webpage and includes social media platforms
  • Online accounting and invoice advice
  • Nationwide online advertising, marketing and support managed by Inflatatent UK
  • Marketing Material (leaflets/business cards- brochures)
  • Branded Polo Shirts and hooded jackets
  • Equipment required to get you up and running from day one

Whats next? Step by step

We’ll send you a comprehensive plan that will help you work out the financial commitments involved in opening and running a franchise, including your financial projections, the working capital required and the on-going costs and expenses you’re likely to incur.


Complete the contact us form. One of our team will contact you and organise a telephone meeting that normally takes around 20 minutes.


If all parties are happy, we book a face to face meeting at our Oxford office (NDA document will need to be completed and emailed to use prior to the meeting). Choose county/territory & business kit package that suits your investment.


Sign the contract and make a 50% deposit. The launch date for your new business will be given.

Our Franchise Packages

There are 3 packages to suit your investment level:



£15,000 NO VATZero franchise fee

  • 1x 4m x 4m Inflatamarquee
  • 1x 10m Inflataigloo
  • 1x12m x 6m Inflatamarquee


£20,000 NO VAT(Most Popular)Zero franchise fee

  • 1x 4m x 4m Inflatatent
  • 1x10m x10m Inflataigloo
  • 1x12m x 6m Inflatamarquee
  • 1x8m x 4m Inflatatent
  • 1x14m x 14m Inflatacube


£23,000 NO VATZero franchise fee

  • 1x 4m Inflatatent
  • 1x10m x10m Inflataigloo
  • 1x12m x 6m Inflatamarquee
  • 1x8m x 4m Inflatatent
  • 1x14m x 14m Inflatacube
  • 1x6.5m Inflatabreakout
  • 1x10m x 5m Inflataarch