We all dream of that fairytale wedding, so making sure that every aspect of the day is planned and executed perfectly takes time and patience. As professionals in event entertainment, we know that a lot goes into planning any event, especially one that celebrates the unity of two families. Over the years, outdoor weddings have seen a dramatic increase in popularity down to the multitude of stunning and magical event hiring services now available, providing the opportunity to create a memorable and picturesque moment. Whether you wish to have a winter wonderland or a summer banquet, we have the ultimate guide to planning an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas To Help You Plan Your Day

There is something truly beautiful about an outdoor wedding, from the striking scenery to the rustic final touches. However, one thing that you may not have had in the back of your mind when deciding the outdoors is where your wedding will be set, or your wedding car hire transport, is the amount of planning involved. It is no secret that any wedding, indoors or outdoors, big or small, abroad or in the UK, takes what feels like an endless amount of preparation and a checklist as far as the eye can see. However, with a little organisation and an eye for detail, you can make the lead up to your wedding as stress-free as possible. To give you a helping hand, we have split each key element of a wedding and provided detail to help you piece together your beautiful special day:

Wedding Outside Venue

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Your outdoor wedding decorations set the tone and theme for a magical day, so it’s always key to think about what added extras you wish to have. There are an abundance of beautiful, quirky and entertaining ways to create a picture-perfect venue, and with the customisable solutions Inflatatent offers, you can decorate your venue how you wish. Here are just a few of the ways you can decorate your marquee as well as the outdoors:

  • Fairy Lights – add a little sparkle with some dazzling fairy lights strategically placed around the venue and on trees. Not only does it look simply stunning as the sun goes down, but it can make for some perfect pictures!
  • Ivy Wall – be sure to incorporate the outside inside by hanging artificial ivy inside the marquee; this is particularly ideal if the weather takes a turn and the party moves inside the marquee.
  • Draping Fabric – draping white fabric across the venue, both inside the marquee and incorporated in the wildlife, can make for a stunning barn style white wedding.
  • Hanging Pictures – take some of your most memorable moments as partners and pop them into picture frames to hang around the venue. This idea is perfect for creating a stunning backdrop for family photos during the wedding!
  • Barrel Plant Pots – a less conventional option but still stunning is to have big barrels at the entrance to your marquee with beautiful big white flowers.

wedding decorations

The Entertainment & Outdoor Wedding Games

After saying the I Do’s, it’s time for your family and friends to get together for a big dance-off. Entertainment and outdoor wedding games are a key part of a wedding reception, and there are tones of different and unique ways you can entertain your guests. One of the most popular ways to do so is to have a live band or DJ performing at your reception. The InflataLuna is the perfect way to make your music entertainment stand out, as it can cater to DJ booths or create a chilled out VIP style section. Other entertainment you may want to consider include:

  • Light up dance floor
  • Photo booth
  • Food entertainment
  • Cocktail bar
  • Dessert table

For some more unique ideas such as fire performers, why not take a look at Warble Entertainment to find your perfect quirky wedding addition.
eating outside at wedding

Choosing The Venue

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, the venue is most likely going to be the most important part. While you may think that all you need is a field and some popup marquees, the “field” that you choose is going to set the scene and provide you with the most beautiful backdrop to your magical day. So, let’s take a look at what it really takes to pick a venue, and the types of things you need to think about when researching.

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Choosing Your Destination

There are some beautiful and picturesque places all around the UK, and if you search hard enough, you’re bound to find the perfect location to hold your wedding. When thinking about the destination, there are a few things that you will need to consider. For example, will there be parking available? When hiring out a hall for your wedding, it usually comes with parking facilities, but this is not always the case when having your wedding located outside. Is it easy to get to? A lot of outdoor destinations can be hard to get to, with country roads, tight bends and possible road obstructions, you want to make sure that everyone has had a pleasant journey.

If you are stuck for thought, then here are just some of the most beautiful outdoor wedding destinations across the UK:

Wedding Destination

Picking Your Marquee

With just a field as your venue, you’re going to need a hub for your guests to enjoy some buffet style food and get dancing on the disco floor. One of the best ways to achieve this while still being able to incorporate the outdoors into your setting, is to have a stunning marquee. Inflatatent has the perfect collection of marquees available to help enhance your wedding through our marquee hire in London, so finding the perfect inflatable marquee for your special day couldn’t be easier. For example, our InflataMarquee offers a church style structure and design using side panels with windows for natural light to enter the venue and allowing guests to gaze at the stars as the sun goes down.

The great thing about an inflatable marquee is that it allows you to pop up a venue anywhere you wish, even in your back garden! This means that you can focus more time on finding the best destination for your scenic wedding, while also providing a cover in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. Not only this, but with Inflatatent’s event marquees in Milton Keynes, you can decorate your marquee to match your wedding theme. You can choose to have white tables seating up to 96 guests, or create a standing room style atmosphere catering to around 144 guests!

Wedding Marquee

Prepare For The Weather

Sadly, you’re never able to predict the weather, and even if you book your venue months in advance during the height of summer, you’re not always guaranteed glorious sunshine. However, this shouldn’t dampen your wedding, and preparing for all sorts of weather conditions can make sure your day is as perfect as you envisioned, rain or shine. When opting for an outdoor wedding, the weather is even more likely to impact your day, so following these simple tips and tricks can make the day perfect no matter the weather:

Too Hot

Outdoor weddings are always extra cute in the summer, but you can never tell whether it will be the perfect temperature or whether you’ll see an unpredicted heatwave. However, there is no need to fear as catering for a hot wedding day is easier than you may think! In fact, having little additions dotted around your wedding can make for a fantastic evening that everyone is for sure going to remember. Why not consider these cute and functional accessories:

  • Have mini fans at the entrance – placing white mini fans at the entrance to your marquee will make everyone feel a lot more comfortable while also giving them a handy keepsake from your special day.
  • Personalised plastic cups4Imprint has a great range of plastic cups that can be fully customised with your name. Place these next to a Fairmount full of water, lemon and ice, and your guests will feel cool throughout the wedding.
  • Ice cream van – Everyone loves ice cream, big and small, so why not incorporate it into your wedding by hiring out an ice cream van? Not only is it tasty, but it can also cool you and your guests down during the day!
Too Wet

When the heavens open and the rain pours, you’ll be glad that you hired out an inflatable marquee! However, just because it’s raining outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your day. Why not add some clear umbrellas at the front of the marquee, so that guests can still enjoy the fresh air, and you can still get some stunning photos! You can even have some wellies for a bit of fun, which will also help you to keep your lovely wedding shoes all clean.

Too Cold

When planning your wedding for the winter, it’s very likely that it’s going to be cold, and in some scenarios, you may even see a little bit of snow. While at first, you may be thinking of the sludgy snow ruining your wedding photos, and that it would be crazy having an outdoor wedding in the snow. However, snow can make for some stunning photos that you will cherish forever, and being outside in the cold is the perfect excuse to get cosy and active on the dance floor. Make sure that you have some hot chocolate and tea ready to serve and have a stack of blankets dotted around for guests to keep warm throughout the evening.

raining at wedding

Finding Your Keepsakes

Although your wedding will only last one day, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways you can ensure there are memorable items at your wedding. Guests always love to take a piece of the wedding home with them, so why not incorporate fun and easy solutions that you can look back on and remember forever? Even entertainment ideas such as a photo booth can give you the perfect opportunity to capture the moment with some funny photos. Some other keepsake ideas include:

  • Personalised coasters
  • Personalised shot glasses
  • Personalised chocolate
  • Personalised pick and mix bags

For more fun and beautiful ideas on wedding favours, take a look at Hitched for some inspiration.

personalised glasses

The Perfect Place For Inspiration

When starting your wedding plan, it can be a little daunting to know where to begin. Luckily, there are many articles, blogs and websites where you can find tones of inspiration! Places like Pinterest or even just Googling outdoor weddings and taking a look at the images, are perfect for helping you to find some inspiration on themes and other aspects of your wedding you may not even have thought about. Here are some other places that you can find excellent planning inspiration:

Below are some of our personal favourite outdoor wedding ideas to give you some inspiration on what you can achieve for your own fairytale wedding.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

As you can tell, there is a lot that goes into planning an outdoor wedding; however, when you keep organised and make checklists for each month leading up to the wedding, you should find the whole process simple and stress-free. If you’re struggling for ideas or would like to know more about how to set up your outdoor wedding, then please feel free to contact the team to discuss our inflatable party hire in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.