The uncertainty of what 2021 will bring after the devastating experience we have all had with the unpredicted pandemic of 2020 has made many dubious in the world of weddings. After many couples to-be have had to cancel or reschedule their lavish weddings this year, it has made many more newly engaged couples worried about planning a wedding that they may not be able to have. However, while weddings won’t be the same as they use to, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some lavish touches and sentimental pieces to make the day one to remember. While you may need to remain socially distanced, there are still a host of creative ways you can bring the family together while remaining Covid compliant. So, as professionals in event hire in Oxford and the surrounding areas, we have pieced together some tips and wedding ideas for 2021 to make it one you’ll never forget!

Wedding Ideas For 2021 To Give You Inspiration

There is no doubt that weddings in 2021 will be predominantly inspired and designed around Covid-19. This means that we’ll be seeing lots more quirky wedding facemasks and socially distanced seating to ensure that everyone is kept safe on the big day. Although it is uncertain how many people will be able to attend your wedding as it will be highly dependent on Covid restrictions, there are some clever ways you can create a breathtaking and mesmerising wedding that everyone will feel comfortable attending. From ‘micro-weddings’ to posted welcome hampers, there are an abundance of ways you can involve all your loved ones in person and at home. So, if you’re planning a wedding for 2021, then why not consider these ideas:

married couple holding hands

Take It Outside

Taking what we have already experienced into consideration, having an outside wedding could mean the difference between having just close relatives and being able to invite 30, or possibly more depending on the circumstances at the time, to your wedding. Outside weddings have been a growing trend over the years, with couples hiring out extravagant tents and marquees to create a picturesque venue and has become to go-to for many couples planning their wedding during the pandemic. This is because it will be easier for you to create a socially distanced wedding as guests are able to stand inside or outside the venue. There are a few ways you can make an outside wedding feel like a fairytale, including some of the following ideas:

  • Fairy lights – hanging lights on trees and across chairs, for example, are a great way of lighting up the night to create a beautiful and elegant venue as the sun goes down. Brides has a handy guide on how to incorporate hanging lights into your wedding.
  • Candlesplace some candles on the tables to create a relaxing and inviting ambience. If you are planning to have your wedding when it is going to be dark, then you could also have guests hold a candle while seated watching you get married.
  • BBQ style food – being outside in the summer makes you think of one thing – BBQs! Why not incorporate a BBQ into your wedding by hiring out a catering service or even a food van?

Another feature to include is a tent or marquee that can withstand high winds and downpour so that no matter what the weather brings on the day of your wedding, your venue has you covered. Having provided event marquees in London for many years, we have collated a range of outstanding tents perfect for capturing your style and theme. From our InflataMarquee to our InflataTent, you can fully customise your experience with lighting and further additional extras of your choosing. Not only this, but you can choose to remove panels of the inflatable tent which makes it ideal for ventilating the venue during the pandemic. If you are planning an outdoor wedding and would like to know more about our marquee hire in Milton Keynes, please feel free to contact the team about our range of hire packages.

outside wedding venue

Buying Local

The pandemic has seen a hit in financial situations for many companies, particularly small local businesses that have had to close over the national lockdown. Now more than ever, it is vital that we support our local community and businesses to ensure that our economy thrives. For this reason, one of the best things that you can do for your wedding in 2021 is to purchase as much of your wedding goods through local stores. There are tonnes of ways you can show your support for local shops, such as using flowers from a local florist, finding a local caterer possibly from an independent restaurant, or having your hair and makeup done by your local hair salon.

Not only does supporting these businesses help with the economy, but it also helps small independent businesses that have been hit the hardest during the pandemic. It gives you the chance to give back to your local community while finding some quirky and unique wedding additions that we’re sure will amaze your guests. You can even ask your guests to purchase wedding gifts from their local stores, such as gifts for the home.

flowers from local store

Disposable Wedding Cameras

One of the most upsetting parts about planning a wedding during a pandemic, is that you will need to consider those that will not be able to attend due to vulnerability or because of the limited number of guests allowed. This can be particularly disheartening when you planned to have hundreds of pictures taken on the day to look back on in the future. However, just because you may not be able to capture everyone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some great snaps on the day.

A wonderful Covid-friendly idea is to provide your guests with disposable cameras, as this allows them to take their own pictures of the night capturing parts of the evening that you may not have seen. This is also a fantastic idea for those that are not able to attend. You can easily send disposable cameras to your loved ones, and ask them to take as many pictures as they can of the day and then send the disposable camera back. By doing this, you can take a look at how everyone celebrated your big day, even if they couldn’t be there in person.

disposable camera

Mismatch Seating

Your wedding seating arrangements may be a little different in 2021, so why not make a feature out of it? Instead of having plastic chairs 2 metres apart, making everyone feel a little uncomfortable, consider having mismatched seating of armchairs and sofas. While it may sound a little unconventional, by incorporating stunning seating arrangements, it means that you can make your spaced out seating look like it’s meant to have that effect, rather than it being because of Covid restrictions. Include some sofas for families to share and individual armchairs for those attending alone. Chairs can be decorated with an array of flowers and lights, and you can even include some popcorn and nibbles for the full VIP experience.

Mini Wedding Cakes

A wedding wouldn’t be the same without the bride and groom cutting into a delicious cake to start off the night’s celebrations. However, cutting into a big wedding cake and passing slices around isn’t exactly Covid-friendly, so instead of having one big cake, why not have loads of little ones? Small three tier cakes are perfect for creating a cute wedding reception while staying safe. One idea is to have a cupcake tower, so guests can enjoy a slice of cake without having to handle the whole thing. Alternatively, you can ask for your wedding cake to be made miniature size and to have multiple of them featured on your guest’s tables. There are some tasty combinations of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to get you and your guests into the celebration spirit, such as those found on Hitched!

wedding cupcakes

RSVP Wedding Music

Weddings involve guests of all ages, some old and some young, meaning that your music taste may not get everyone onto the dance floor. For this reason, we suggest having a section on your RSVP invitations that ask your guests what song will get them up onto the dance floor. By doing this, it allows you to create a wedding playlist that everyone can enjoy, and if anything, you’ll be struggling to get them off the dance floor at the end of the night! When it comes to RSVP’s, it may be best to look at virtual invitations, as this helps to stop transmitting the virus to potentially vulnerable guests. Instead, why not take a look at With Joy to send a stunning RSVP via email; the website also allows you to see how many people have responded to your invitation and more.

wedding invitations

Family Wedding, Friends Reception

In some cases, the idea of postponing a wedding when you’re ready to get married can be upsetting, so if you’re planning to go ahead with your wedding day, then you could decide to separate the wedding and the reception. A wedding ceremony is often about bringing together two families and forming it into one, so you could make the wedding family only and then celebrate with a reception later on in the year when the pandemic has calmed, and you are able to invite more guests. Not only does this allow you to celebrate with everyone you had hoped to be at your wedding, but it also gives you the chance to celebrate a big moment in your life across the whole year!

celebrating wedding with family

Planning Your Wedding For 2021

There are so many things that you need to consider when planning your wedding, and no one thought that factoring in a pandemic would be one of them! While, much like 2020, we are unable to predict what the new year will bring, there are a few things that you can plan ahead of time to make sure that you create a day and night that you and your loved ones will remember. As specialists in event hire services, we know first-hand how frustrating it can be to have big plans for them to be ruined, so the biggest advice we can give is to plan as though the pandemic is still in full force. This will avoid disappointment, and give you an exciting prospect to look forward to if things do relax and you are able to enjoy more guests and features at your wedding.