There is nothing better than the excitement of planning and attending an event, and although there are currently many restrictions in place, there is no reason why we cannot still enjoy something a little more unique. We are proud to introduce you to our collection of innovative Inflatatents, inflatable structures packaged with cutting-edge technology to offer a fully customisable event venue. So what makes our inflatable marquees different from the rest? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits!

Benefits Of Hiring An Inflatatent

Our inflatable marquee hire in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas is the perfect choice for a wealth of event types, whether it may be a birthday celebration, wedding or corporate networking conference. Their complete versatility and ability to be fully personalised make them a sought-after choice amongst event planners. Just some of the many fantastic benefits to choosing an Inflatatent over a conventional marquee include the following:

Large InflataMarquee

Only Takes Around 30 Minutes To Put Up

Having spent many years in the event and entertainment industry, we recognise the importance of making sure that the day of the event runs as smoothly as possible. With the lead up often lasting many months and a lot of pressure to ensure that no hurdles creep up, anything that makes your life just that little easier is always hugely appreciated. It is for this reason that our packages only include marquees that take minimum time to inflate and set up. Even our large-scale InflataMarquee, which measures 12m x 6m x 4m high, takes under 20 minutes to inflate, meaning that there will be no waiting around to begin decorating. And even better, there will be no need to worry about attempting to follow tedious set-up instructions, as our fantastic team will be on hand to deliver, install and rerig any inflatable structure that you choose. A quick and easy yet memorable event venue – what more could you ask for!

an Include More Lighting Than A Conventional Tent

With a conventional marquee, it can often be tricky to incorporate lighting, and in many cases, your chosen lighting must be hired separately or purchased and fitted using DIY methods. Many event planners opt for settling for fairy lights, for example, which although they look lovely, do not always create the impact that you would have hoped for.

On an Inflatatent, on the other hand, LED lighting is integrated into the inflatable structure itself, which can then be altered to fit with your chosen colour scheme. This makes the whole venue light up, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Included in your package will also be RGB controllers, which will allow you to change the colour of your tent intermittently throughout your event, giving you full control over the appearance of your Inflatatent. If you would like additional lighting to be incorporated into your package, such as LED drinks tables, then our team would always be more than happy to accommodate your requirements.

Event Pods

You Can Have The Sides Up, Making It More COVID Friendly

It is not unfamiliar news that event and entertainment have been one of the most heavily impacted industries from the pandemic. With the lockdown restrictions and group meeting limits continuously changing, it can be incredibly tricky to put together an event that is successful while remaining COVID friendly. With this in mind, we have come up with several ways in which our Inflatatent structures can be altered to protect customers and their guests. One fantastic feature of the tents is that they can be both open and with sides up, making it far easier to ensure that government guidelines are followed.

Able To Add Branding For A Corporate Event

The beauty of our Inflatatents is that it couldn’t be easier to tailor their appearance to fit with your theme, particularly when it comes to corporate events. Not only can the colour be altered through LED lighting, as mentioned above, but you are also free to add your branding to allow your venue to stand out from the crowd. This makes them the perfect solution for all manner of corporate event types, whether it may be a roadshow, pop up store, promo stand and much more.

As well as the ability to hire our inflatable structures for a one-off event, customers also have the chance to purchase their own for their business. Depending on requirements, we have both the InflataSpider and InflataPromo, both of which are designed with interchangeable advertising walls and a fully customisable print. This allows you to add your brand colours and logos before using your tent for both indoor and outdoor use. These two structures are slightly different from one another in terms of shape as the InflataSpider is a dome which can be both open and closed, whereas the InflataPromo is a sealed cube. If you are interested in purchasing an Inflatatent, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!

Corporate Promo Tents

Design Flexibility On The Interior

Every event is unique, which is why we have created all Inflatatents to be fully flexible with regards to the interior design. We have many different flooring and fitting options, which means that you can put together a combination that best fits with the theme and purpose of your event. For example, back in September, we were contacted by a client who booked in for our marquee hire in London. They were planning a garden party, so we worked with them to put together a package for our 4m x 4m Inflatamarquee, including drinks tables and decorations. You can find a photo of the results over on our Facebook page.

Another fantastic example of how you can customise your Inflatent is the anniversary surprise we helped our wonderful customer, Robert, put together for his lovely wife, Caroline. Due to the current climate, they were restricted in how they could celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary, so Robert opted for hiring our InflataLuna and completed the tent with beautiful decorations. We’ll pop a few photos below of the complete package!

Anniversary InflataPods

Begin Piecing Together Your Package Today

If you love our Inflatatents just as much as we do, then our team are always more than happy to answer any questions you have to begin devising your tailored package. Whether it may be marquee hire in Oxford or any of the surrounding areas, we are just a phone call away!